When the Mum card appears, it warns of some kind of change and this will strike from out of the blue. It won’t be easy to accept this when the querent won’t have been ready for it, and they’ve not prepared themselves. So the more resigned they are to accept that things do happen like this, then the easier it will be to get on with whatever is demanded of them.

There may be some kind of mystical experience soon and if they have recently felt that life is empty or as if they’re going nowhere, this will be about to change. Nothing stays the same forever and some people find it easier to adapt to new circumstances than others. In time to come, the querent will find it less difficult to accept what has to be.

They will start to realise that nothing in this life is entirely predictable and sometimes people just have no control whatsoever over circumstances and this has to be accepted. Whatever happens, they will be able to rebuild if there is loss. And if they do find things difficult, then the best advice is to take one day at a time and don’t think too far ahead.

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