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Tromolo Productions Presents:

Biding Time (remix)

A stunning new collaboration between musician Louise Quinn, Grid Iron’s Ben Harrison, film maker Uisdean Murray and Total Theatre’s Pippa Bailey will see the boundaries between music, film & theatre blur in the world premier of Biding Time (remix) at the Arches this October.

Biding Time (remix) is the story of musician Thyme and her brushes with success and her discovery of exactly who it is that a women needs to get past and what it is that a woman needs to do to succeed in the music industry.

The story, which echoes some of the experiences musician Louise faced in her own career combines a live band, film and actors on stage and will use silent disco technology to make sure that each performance is both intimate and a shared experience. 

Biding Time is Pippa Bailey’s participatory theatre project which experiments with the process of making a piece of art.  The show was first performed in it’s original form in 1987 in Sidney.  Pippa Bailey felt that 25 years later the issues were still relevant and has issued a call to arms to artists from all over the world to take the piece and to find new and creative ways to perform it.

Biding Time (remix) is A Band Called Quinn’s answer to that. 

For years Louise Quinn and her band, A Band Called Quinn have been blurring the boundaries between music, film & theatre.  They previously worked with theatre company Vanishing Point on their production of The Beggar’s Opera which toured with some success.  Recently called Scotland’s best kept secret by music pundit Jim Gellatly, the band have seen their music used on films and TV worldwide.


Notes to Editors

Devised by A Band Called Quinn with director Ben Harrison supported by The Arches.

Based on an original idea by Pippa Bailey.

Features original songs & music by A Band Called Quinn. Film made with Uisdean Murray. Illustrations by Bruno Gallagher.

Supported by Creative Scotland in this Year Of Creative Scotland.

For more information contact Andrew Learmonth on 07403 176 249 or

‘The closest thing to pop genius John Dingwall’ (The Daily Record)

‘ABCQ are masters of their own environment. With an altogether avant-garde, arthouse attitude, bravery comes across in their work’  the group encapsulate the modern ethos of artistic flare and creativity of their native city.’  Jonathan Whitelaw  (Is This Music?)

‘The music was everything’  I left the theatre stunned and wanting to experience it all again.’ Writer Ian Rankin on The Beggar’s Opera

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