Biding Time (remix) 7.30pm, October 6th 2012, The Arches, Glasgow.

Tickets available here.

Trailer for Biding Time (remix) - a new show from Tromolo Productions devised by A Band Called Quinn with theatre director Ben Harrison (Grid Iron) based on an original idea by Pippa Bailey. Featuring original music by A Band Called Quinn & film by Uisdean Murray.

Trailer by film-maker Uisdean Murray. DOPs Ray Tallan & Amelie Weisbecker. Make-up by Emma Cunningham assisted by Maria Elliot. Costume by Alice J Wilson, Stella Cadzow & Ali McLaurin.

Performers: Martin McCormick, Diane Torr & Louise Quinn.

The Sunken Starlet Choir:

Lucy Goldie
Lynn Murray
Jade Lezar
Jessica Phillipi

Song ‘You Know The Right People’ by A Band Called Quinn.

Supported by Creative Scotland.

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